Thought Crime. (vol.3)

Secrets to Success & Happiness

  1. Regrets last forever.. think before you do it!
  2. Tolerate, but never accept.
  3. Don't kiss ass, or you'll acquire a taste for shit.
  4. If you're right, you fight. If your wrong, move along.
  5. (Self-sufficiency) Always bite the hand that feeds you. It's probably just gonna give you yesterday's stale leftovers anyhow.
  6. Sometimes you gotta fight with your fist, sometimes with your mind, but either way go for the kill!
  7. Don't take shit. Flush it down the toilet.
  8. As the bible says, turn the other cheek. But first, hit the mother*cker so hard that when he finally comes to, he'll seriously think twice about it.
  9. Laugh in the face of adversity and never back down from a challenge because it's better to be crazy than to be a loser.
  10. Hate can be a good thing if you let it. (Hate is to motivation what gasoline is to the engine.)

Last thoughts

To quote Lou Holtz: "There isn't anything wrong with winning ugly. As a matter of fact, there isn't anything wrong with being ugly-- as long as you're successful."

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