40. Madd Radio Break (0:08)
41. Procreation - Out Of The Dark (5:45)
42. Viscosity - Insane Palace (1:00)
43. Top 5 Count Down.wmv (0:49)
44. Zigmund - Crashing Down (3:04)
45. Madd Radio Break (0:08)
46. Anne Murphy - Even God Must Get The Blues (1:06)
47. Henry Taylor Jr - That Little Boy (5:12)
48. Mynista - Hennessy And Strippas (3:06)
49. Carol Selick - Just Gonna Think About Today (4:06)
50. Madd Radio Break (0:08)
51. Dat Nigga L - Black Luv (2:42)
52. Nervegasm - Morphine (5:56)
53. Syspor - Dino Pt. 1 (2:53)
54. Band of Apathetics - Guardian Angel (22:46)
55. Madd Radio Break (0:08)
Hidden Radio Playlist 8-30-03

Track Artist: Song:
1 Michael Baynes The Move
2 Mark.J.Stevens The Difference
3 Rikki Gann I Can See
4 Doctor Funkenstein Secrets
5 Variable Frequency Apocalypse

7 nervegasm Subliminal

8 elektronische klangerzeugung Summer of '03
9 Electric Colony Nearly There
10 Paradox Lame Languid
11 Masters Of Reality Gimme Water
12 DeceptionBand Shower
13 Gray by Mourning Godsend
14 dANK2001 Word of Mouth
15 The Stooges TV Eye
16 Mudhoney Burn it Clean
17 Big Black Cables
18 Clutch A Shogun Named Marcus
19 TAD Trash Truck
20 Queens of the Stone Age Go With the Flow



NEWS: still on the top 10.. been running for 3 straight weeks now.. thanks to all.. check out the soundclick tracks.. got sum new ones and sum oldies but goodies tracks.. too.. well thats it for now.. aiiiigthhhh!! laters..!


Hello Earthlings.. nervegasm's SiDz project CD is on the workz..Evilwurm tracks soon.. Frost.. is on sampler .002. Armor Live gigs and Sampler .002. Target track will be out on a remix soon. Mp3.com tracks update: still on the top 10. been on the number one slot for 3 days. (thats good enough for me-nervegasm) Coffee later. smokey the bear will be there.. Arabica and green columbian coffee.. and sum tea.. I think.. laters.. snootchies..
EviLWurM here.........heheheeh, its been a long time since i've written here.....shout out to ya'll!!!! nothin' happenin' hee though.......ey guys coffee party tom at my place..............acknowledge if ur going...............



Mp3.com's Electronica Countdown (Sunday, August 17, 2003)

Top Songs
1.Death, Chasing Cars (nervegasm)
2.Southbound (Nhick Ramiro Pacis)
3.the sound of your soul (punk sinatra)
4.XTY (nervegasm)
5.Enchantress Inviolate (acid42)
6.computer entertainment (punk sinatra)
7.Mario Brothers Revival (GB version) (KenLes)
8.Michelle's birthday song (blu smoke)
9.Last Train Out Of The Cool (The JazzCapades)
10.Waterlily (Enfusion)
11.sudden ionospheric disturbance (hominid)
12.Fuzzy Dizzy Goes My Robotic Date (acid42)
13.By Chance (Dj Arbie Won is the beatraveler)
14.Soul (Ascolto)
15.Subliminal (nervegasm)

(Thanks to all who downloaded and streamed my tracks--nervegasm)


to Evilwurm: DAMN!!! man thats one of the sickest pics that I got from an email.. Damn.. Whats wrong with this people..

SHit.. Bunch of SIck Fucks!!... Hope They Fucking DIe.,..

shezzz... They're Sick.... !!! .. killing panda's or moonbears for "medicinal" purposes is not enough for them...now they have to do this sick cannibalistic... whatever!!!... SIck Man SIckl!!.. it almost made me throw my guts out!!.. damn!... Somebody has to put a stop to this..!!

News:Sampler 2 is out... Radio sampler in on.. the Down Session Gets High.. and alot more coming soon.. hang on to your balls!.. :)


Mp3.com Local electronic Top 40 countdown(tuesday.august 5, '03)

Top Songs
1 Southbound (Nhick Ramiro Pacis)
2 XTY (nervegasm)(debut #32)
3 Silent Room (live) (CLOn3)
4 Death, Chasing Cars (nervegasm)(debut #31)
5 Only Human (BrianQua)



hold the FUCKIng Presses....: nervegasm on electrobrazil next month.. watch for that one... Sampler 002.. finishing the last drop.. KVD records.. soon.. finland radio is on so as vancouver... also... still on the madhouse radio chicago playlist.. the morphine track is on rotation... evilwurm is finishing the final.. editing on frost track on sampler .002.. no neews yet on Light sleeper.. maybe still checking all the music feastivals... hehehehe. more parties coming soon.. see yah!@!!