IC-MusicMedia TOP 20 Artist Chart Section

Rank Artist / Band Song
1 Anergy & Friends
Crazy in love --- Indie
2 Nervegasm Drive (the Street Part 2) --- Electro
3 Poison Ivy No Free Fills --- HipHop/Rap
4 Ken Tancrus United States of America --- Rock
5 Fade to Black Circle Groove --- Indie
6 Flausen im Herbst R.A.R. (Mixmix) --- Electric
7 Electrodynamics On & On Forever [RMX] --- House
8 Refrag Blaim --- Ambient
9 Alysson Light Pearl in the Oyster --- Acoustic Pop
10 Art Sonic Sweeter Leaf --- Electric


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Leaving Jezebel and nervegasm

.........(THANK YOU SO MUCH!!....))
" like them all... very cool...
but, i really love 'the street part 1'. it's something i can just close my eyes and groove to. would love to hear it out at a club. i'm gonna dwnld it so i can listen to it in hi-fi on-demand, without waiting for the endless dial-up buffering!
great work."

"Listening to "Drive"......
Seems like this would be a cool film score....
It's not a "song", per se, but very cool Music....
I can hear this track backing an Urban video thingy...
Tasteful - creative..... - sensitive, strong track. " --droolymutt

"Heaven for climate is my absolute favourite of yours. Especially when you play around with the flanger in the middle of the tune and these guitar chords are awesome, even though I feel like having heard them somewhere else before."--PNFA

"you're the first artist i've listened to since joining the forum yesterday and i couldn't have gotten off to a better start .. every song was a solid atmospheric groove .. heaven and blue sky were outstanding .. peace."

"Ok, listened to "Render".
Not really my favorite genre, but I like the guitarish parts of it..."
"Listening now to The Street pt1:
Great bass intro. Beats are cool, very funky. Nice atmosphere. Simple & effective tune. Very strong sound & the guitars are good too. Seems to lack something.. a vocal maybe? I'd prefer a few changes in the drum loop too but it works well.
All in all a good solid tune"

"I heard some of your songs, my favourite is
Heaven for Climate
And I know that you was here Song of the Day
Very unique soundstyle you have "
"Very cool, unique sound! Heaven for climate is my favourite - it's SOTD "
------Tom @Interconnected
"The sonic tension of 'Drive (the street) is impressive. It's highly melodic yet even more interesting in it's textures. "
------Bristol Meyers

(thanks for the reviews..)

NEws: Starting a collab with G.E.M.I.N.I .. more tracks are soon.. available on Dance industries.com, Ness Radio, Beatmaka.com, New Music Network and Beatz... its now on air and playin on sum clubss.. in brazil.. and canada.. watch.. for it. on.. other states...laters..

(we're just gonna keep on bangin' ... peace to universal beats..)


NERVEGASM @ Interconnected
Featured Song recommendations


Drive (the Street Part 2)
thats the news.. Laters!!


nervegasm on Besonic and Ic-musicmedia
hey there... nervegasm is now comin at yha live on IC media and besonic just gonna finnish sum stuff.. on there.. site.. and its gonna be live... also thanks to all that voted for me on funender.. KMP, Flesh eating foundation, Ed Dury, weremule and the others..... thanks for the welcome... also to all the guy who did a review on my tracks @ ONE ANGRY SWEDES Music Board.. Thanks.. it really help me alot.. check yah laters!!

Oh by the way.. We are open for a collab.. contact us on our email


nervegasm: thanks to the guys on good vibrations.. nervegasm is on the airwaves.. and also thanks too mandi simmons.. for sum props.. sum news: good vibrations on air.. soon: yountunes, san diego area.. debut.. santa monica's KCRW, wnyu, toronto.. MJM.. and more.. IMindie music mag... magnet mag. and to larokan(i'm sendin you the cd as soon as we get cleared from our busy sked. thanks), eor radio... thats it for now.. laters.

evilwurm and armor: new tracks from this guys.. soon.. they've been working.. alot!!..hehehehe.

light sleeper: still need sum more sleep I guess.. but check out his band's page.(FS&C)light sleeper's band.
frost: his currently working on fixing sum of his equiptment.

thats it.. Stay stuck!!...


just got back.. more news soon.. lots of stuff..