Active Mailorder:
Started in 1989 in Chino, California.
Sells footware, accessories, and pretty much everything you need for skateboarding.
Good prices with a huge selection. Very good site.
Their warehouse is based at:
12087 Landon Dr.
Mira Loma, CA 91752

Shipping Chart(So you know when it should arrive)


__________________________________________________ ________________

One of the most popular online skate stores, based in Norther Ohio.
They carry all skate products, and have relativly good prices.
Their clearance section is a very good deal.
When I ordered, it came in exactly 5 buissness days. And I live in Southern Arizona.

This page contains the shipping prices: http://shop.ccs.com/customerSupport.do

"CCS has been pretty reliable to me for the most part. Since they're in Ohio and I live in Michigan, shipping is hardly ever an issue. The only problem I've ever had is that they were supposed to send me some replacement wheels, but they never did. But I called them up about it and I'm getting store credit, so there's no problem anymore."
-The Unkown Soldier


__________________________________________________ ________________

Though this isn't exactly a skate store, it is one of the best places to find shoes. Fast(and sometimes free) shipping and low prices, I highly recommend Zappos for shoes.

My favorite thing about Zappos is the multi view-

The customor reviews are helpful as well.

"Zappos is so sweet though. On December 23rd I ordered a pair of slippers as a really last minute Christmas present for my brother. They arrived at my house the next day, on the 24th. Free Shipping next-day shipping."


__________________________________________________ ________________

Skate Park of Tampa:
Great shop, run by an extremely helpful staff. Located in Tampa, Fl. Reliable online inventory, which automatically updates to prevent backorder. They carry everything they have online in the shop.

Sales all of the time. In normal human sizes, also. I have gotten shoes for 15$ there in the past.

There shipping is always great, and I've only ever had 1 problem there out of many orders placed.

Overall excellent shop for any type of skate product!

"I love Skatepark of Tampa. I've been to the actual shop, so I know how cool the staff are and how great their selection of products is. As for ordering things, they have quite fair deals, and they're always sure to include free stuff with your orders, including lots of stickers and sometimes even promo DVDs. Shipping has been quite good to me, considering our location difference. Highly recomend ordering from here. They know what they're doing."
-The Unknown Soldier


__________________________________________________ ________________

BlackHole Boards:
They ship very fast, and they give you a rate for when it will get to you, using UPS ground.
Scroll down:

Plus, they have tons of items, they run good deals especially that one deal they had when you could get any of those selected shoes for $10.
This site is just plain great.


__________________________________________________ ________________

Skate Warehouse:
Located in San Luis Obispo, California, which is slightly north of Santa Cruz.

They dont have the best selection in the world, but the more than make up for it in customer service, great prices, cheap, if not free, shipping even to foreign countries.

They sell everything a good skateshop would sell. Shoes, Decks, Wheels, Clothes Etc.
Country List: http://www.skatewarehouse.com/int/country.html


__________________________________________________ ________________

Skate America:
I've ordered shoes and clothes from Skate America. I ordered 3 shirts; 2 of which came very late, and 1 never came. I also ordered shoes. I ordered them about a week and a half before a trip to Florida. I was bringing my board, so I wanted the new shoes for the trip. I thought I would definitely get the shoes in time, but of course, they never came. LUCKILY, a friend of mine was coming to Florida with me, but had a flight 2 days later. The shoes came the day after I left, so he went and picked them up, and brought them on his flight. So yeah, my experiences with Skate America haven't been very good.



__________________________________________________ ________________

Utility Board Supply:
Sells just about everything skateboard related. You can buy clothing, shoes, skateboards, ramps, and the like. Prices are pretty reasonable, and checking a site like retailmenot.com usually turns up coupons which will take around 10 % off the price. In my dealings with them customer service was very prompt and helpful in replying. My order was delivered in three days, UPS ground to Arizona.


__________________________________________________ ________________

Blankdecks.com is a very reliable source, the boxes aren't over sized and they will pack things in the same bag to save space.
Sometimes they will give you 10 stickers for free with no request, which is nice.
The customer support is also very good.


__________________________________________________ ________________

A1skateboards.com is very good about getting products out fast even on ground shipping. When i got my deck from them the package was taped together as someone had rumaged through it, but i think that's custom. I have never used the customer support they provide, but they seem nice. This site is a really reliable for a wide selection of boards, especially from Europe, which you usually don't find much in the US.


__________________________________________________ ________________

Lakai Outlet:
Lakai's official outlet store. Best place to buy old Lakai models.
VERY cheap.
Ships in about half a week.


__________________________________________________ ________________

Freestyle Shop:
A lesser known skate store, but with a wide selection, at relativly cheap prices.

"They are pretty cool. I ordered some grip from them before."-Sk8board15


__________________________________________________ ________________

Action Village:
An online distributor not only known for its skateboard supplies, but also Paintball, Airsoft, Snowboard, and clothing selection.


__________________________________________________ ________________

Vert and Street
They have some of the best prices I have seen and the staff and customer service are second to none for my money.
Its worth a look.


__________________________________________________ ________________

Ships extremely fast, fair prices, free shipping, and its 110% best price guarantee


__________________________________________________ ________________

I and I Boardshop

Some of y'all already know us, but thought I'd get us up here on the official sticky.

I and I Boardshop
3959 Martin Way E
Olympia, WA 98506

We started as a small local shop, and we just got our online store up and running a few months ago. Just went through a huge upgrade so now everything is auto-synched so you never have to deal with back-orders or anything. We're working on getting a bunch more product up there, but right now there's a fair amount of shoes and decks. When we put shoes on sale, we mark them down at least to our cost, usually below our cost, so you can find some pretty sick deals if you check in from time to time. We also have some serious cheap deals on snowboards and snow gear too, if anyone's into that. Plus there's real live girls modeling the swimsuits, so you can't go wrong with a browse through that category ;)

We're also looking for folks who have their own websites or blogs with a fairly large readership who would be interested in doing product reviews for us. Basically, we send you some free shit and you write about it on your site and link to us. Sweet deal, huh? But you gotta have some numbers showing that you get a large number of hits in order for it to be worth it to us.

Shipping is free if you're ordering more than $100, so if you have a couple local buddies that want to buy shoes with you, you can go in together and get free shipping, as long as you all want it shipped to the same address. Shoot me an e-mail anytime with any questions you have.

Web Store Manager




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