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Thanks to Jaw Knee and the Radio Orphan Crew for the Podcasting feature.

Also sum new tracks @ songplanet.com.
nervegasm - Strange Twang
nervegasm - Sit'Back

nervegasm - Strange Phase ('03 track)

Armor has a new track coming.
Evilwurm and NTT Djing on clubs, and a new track is also on the way.
DjIan aka. the Jiujitzus aka. Spicoli aka. THC420 aka. ....
some new and sum old tracks ready for upload soon..

Uploadin the new site soon.. new ISSUE will be out nextweek with the Fokker Interview, album reviews, movies, culture, and plain "Dissin'" (ebonics - _n) on sum "NOW" issues and trends and the "mid-month Issue"(the star wars issue.. hehehehe)will be hitting newstands, cafe's and malls next week and IndieGround Will be back at next month's issue,featuring more indie artist on the net and beyond. Some past artist featured ( a bit of a review) GEMINI, JILLNOJACK, LOADPULLER,RADIOORPHANS,JOELKELLY ,BARDOFFLY, REDSTARRISING, POINT BREAK SPY, INK1, DJOX, PNFA, OAS, ARMOR..alot.. more Indie feature on the upcoming issues.. will be posted here @ the HOTBOX RP (diarryyy..I mean Blogg..hehehehe)..
{+}hello to all our online buddy's @ myspace. and Fwendster, and all the forums that we've been too.. a big HAI!! hehehehe.

thats it for now... CHERRRIIOOOSSS!!


FROM THE Sinsemilla HQ.

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FLOATING!.. Mind, Body & Soul.. *cough* *cough*

More Newss Soon..!! *PLUR*