New nervegasm tracks available @ mp3.com. Deep North (debut @no. 2 in the countdown) and Hellfire (Old track Debut @ no.4).
and new soon to be posted tracks. Subliminal and Morphine. check it out!.. soon to be available on CD so start ordering!.. Laters.



The Brazilian Intakes (e.p.) is on the workz feature's tracks from nervegasm records Artist(nervegasm and SiDz) and also Saul Williams-The Pledge to Resist White label Remixes will a bit late, still Doing Sum major Track Editing and emailing.. hehehehe..! tentative brazilian intake (e.p.) tracks: 01. BosaCocaCore 02.Funky Demon 03. In Between Space ( Alone and Endless B-Side) 04.XTY 05.Thermal. Coming Out Soon:Grasshut Releases/S.U. Remixes/After SIx MIx/Sampler .03/We're Not DJ's Experimental Sessions/Dub/Pirate Radio/Hotbox RP Publishing and Production/Remixes/SiDz Swallow Your Own(e.p.). And Outtakes from the Down Session CD will be Uploaded @ IUMA or Mp3.com so keep checking it.. It's free. and also Some of the Old Workz.

Evilwurm track available for free download.Click Here!.

Thats It for Now. Remember you can still order sampler 01 and 02($8 each) [200 php. each (manila) ] and the down session($6) [150 php.]. GO! GET IT!.


check this out: got an email from this guy from brazil.. his gonna feature the down session CD in a 'zine or sumthing.. anyway.. i'm sendin a promo copy.. sum bio... & pictures.. sheshh.. so!!.. I'm right again.. our market is outside/stateside!.. here : well , a few people would dig it.. I think.. maybe..
anyway.! sum news: the link is on. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD | FREE MP3'S : 2 tracks in iuma.com and 2 tracks in mp3.com | CLICK THE LINK. check it out..you can stream it or download it.. just don't sample it.... like sum lame people we know. hehehehe.. or email us for more info on cds, artist and stuff. and also info on "how can you get a promo copy"... it's kinda tricky thats why you should email us at hotbox@nervegasm.zzn.com
and also. WATCH OUT FOR FROST. he'll be @ sampler 2. gonna be out soon.... still editing and doing sum finishing touches on the CD!.. AND FOR THE PEOPLE ABROAD (outside the country..<--DUH!) WHO WANTS TO BUY/CHECK OUT THE CD/NEW RELEASES, WELL SEND US AN EMAIL WILL SEE. IF WE COULD SEND YOU A COPY.BUT MOST PROBABLY WE CAN.. HEHEHE.. OR BETTER YET YOU CAN BUY A COPY OF SAMPLER 1 AND 2 FOR $8 EACH OR YOU COULD GET THE DOWN SESSION FOR $6. THIS IS D.I.Y. BABY!. we're so INDIE! so email us if you want a copy!. laters!!


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Fix the Mp3 link.. check it out.. !.. its free.. and oh by the way.. After Six artist will be included in the new sampler... so the released will be a bit late.. but .. its gonna be out soon..! more news and reviews and all that.. thanks to the www.renegade.br for the review of the upcoming down session.. I'm gonna send you guys a copy as soon.. thanks.. more blogg coming soon. Happy trip to light sleeper. spread the word..