Oh.. The Down Sessions will be on sale on Chicago this October 8..so check your favorite records stores.. and still Playin on the MADDHOUSE Radio Playlist on Chicago.. so check it out!!... Armor is on the studio finishing the final editing on his EP.. and also evilwurm still partyin'... smoking.. hahahaha...and everything!...DJ IAN aka. Lite Sleeper.. Is on LA rite NOw.. Doin sum work and Dj'n on sum Clubbs.. hiS track Will Be Out soon on a remix.. tIP!! and nervegasm is still spreading the music.. all over.. and by the way.. check out the KCRW.. Magnet.. lollipop..WNYU... next month.. soo. check you later.. YoStiZlle.. and Drizzlee... yo rizzllle... or sumting..


the coffee party every sunday is quite ok......more dope y'all!!!!!!!