nervegasm: thanks to the guys on good vibrations.. nervegasm is on the airwaves.. and also thanks too mandi simmons.. for sum props.. sum news: good vibrations on air.. soon: yountunes, san diego area.. debut.. santa monica's KCRW, wnyu, toronto.. MJM.. and more.. IMindie music mag... magnet mag. and to larokan(i'm sendin you the cd as soon as we get cleared from our busy sked. thanks), eor radio... thats it for now.. laters.

evilwurm and armor: new tracks from this guys.. soon.. they've been working.. alot!!..hehehehe.

light sleeper: still need sum more sleep I guess.. but check out his band's page.(FS&C)light sleeper's band.
frost: his currently working on fixing sum of his equiptment.

thats it.. Stay stuck!!...

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