Thought Crime. (vol.2)

What am I working on? Is it a computer? Is it an illegal substance? Is it
a comfortable chair? Is it planet Earth? Is it a degree? Is it my
self-image? Do you care? Do you believe me? Do you think this is a boring
file? Do you have the first idea who I am? Do I have the first idea who
you are? Why haven't you told me? Do I have the first idea who I am? Why
hasn't anyone told me? Is there anyone out there who cares? Is there
anyone out there at all? Is this getting to you yet? Why have you read
this far? What are you doing this evening? Why are we here (Eschatology)?
Why am I a Maoist? Who was Mao, anyway? Why, when Kiang Kai-Chek was able in 1939 to govern the country, did the Communists need so short a time to take it from him? Trace the role of organised revolution in Eurasia from 1848 to the present. Why did that question not need a question mark? Should question mark be spelled question mark? Or should it be ?? Will I ever get round to finishing this question? Why have I come back to it now?
Why am I not working on anything? Why, when I have Mods so soon? Why do I
have Mods so soon? Have you ever noticed that a simple ladder passes
MOD-MAD-MAO? Do you know any good laddergrams? Have you ever read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley? Eh? State a theorem on the multiplication of power series. Do you see the connection? Is there a connection? Are connections possible? What makes two things connected? Is there a map, the inverse of which is openness-preserving, to {0,1}? How often have you used curly brackets on these machines? What is the proper name for {s?
"What" is the proper name for {s. If ""What"" means "What", does "what"
mean what? What does what mean? Does "Does "what" mean what?" mean, and if so, what? What is the mean of {What, what, what, what}? what=4.what/4. If what is the mean of {what, what}, what what is that, and what does it mean? Well, I mean to say, what? Are you still reading? Did you read the beginning of this file? Have you got the point yet? Do you want the
complete Message Email which has more on what "mean" means? Do you
understand Russell's ramified theory of types? Or Ramsey's rustled theory
of types? Or any of the philosophy behind Mao at all? Have you read Mao?
Have you read Nieztche? Don't bother. Have I got time to sit here typing

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