OLLLAA Ladies And Gentz.

After 9 weeks in the #1 Spot.. nervegasm's - Jazzchronic went down a notch.. from #1 to #2.. thanks for the support.. new tracks are currently on the works final editiing and mastering on sum additional tracks for the upcoming CD( revolution sessions ). We just got multiplied!.. wanna check out the other blogg site??.. with sum audiuo clips and sum videos, soon to be uploaded?.. check us out at http://hotboxrp.multiply.com .. soon to be loaded with audio clips and samples from hotbox rp artist..

Other artist are currently underand overwork with there jobs but sum of them are finishing there new projects/.. so stay stuck.

Morning Coffee Records ( a LA based Hotbox rp's Sis - Label )released to new EP's from Dj ians monicker - Light Sleeper - trks 1&3 - 2005 normaine sessions e.p. * trks 2&4 - 2006 estmated time of arrival 4:20 e.p. LEGAL DOWNLOADS!!! light$leep3r meets foodshelterandclothing! > light$leep3r remix of fsandc's "okay" > fsandc's "normaine"remixes head on to myspace.com/ mcrex -

SharpenblurNoise aka. Minority - Minority .

A bit of info on minority -Don (Minori-T) started as a drummer at a young age. He played lots of varie-T's of music for the past 15 years. His brother Ian (Lightsleeper) is the one who influenced him the most when it comes to music, especially in the world of electronica. Chemical brothers, prodigy, and utah saints are his first research materials in electronica until he found goldie, roni size and diesel boy. that time on, he became one with drum n bass even he’s playing rock and some traditional filipino ethnic music back then. Now Minori-T and his brother reunited here in the US, joined Lightsleeper's label (Morningcoffeerekordz) and waiting for the right time to merge with his brother's music with his hard pounding hardcore drum n bass. Minori-T is also into photography, and an active supporter of Bono's campaign against poverty and global epidemic of HIV/AIDS, MAKE POVERTY HISTORY and ONE. Participate. Join groups.myspace.com/epn.

Thats the news for now.. Blessed be..

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