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FLAVA'.....This track had lots of Flava'....You want something new and different...this is it. Lots and I mean lots of character in this track [and yes, Flava’]. There were two small speed bumps…1. In the bass towards the end of the track and 2. The man's voice and women singing at the end didn’t jazz me as it sort of brought me down from an emotional high from what the rest of the track was about.....but other than that everything was SWEET as a cherry pie….Nice ambient vocals and ever changing beat really gets the mix together for some serious Jammin’…But what really got to me was the variety of the track…kept me on my toes not knowing what was coming next…The kids at the end reminded me of the streets here in NYC during the summer…which made me feel right at home. Nice Freshman intro…Welcome to Beatmaka.com!!! Bottom line: Flava, character and lots of variety = download [Even though we had two speed bumps]__ **** 4 stars out of 5 **** [could have been 5, but speed bumps slowed us down to a 4]__ AG --alguerrero
This one is great! Guitarflavored triphop. I would rate if 5 but there is a serious flaw I want to point out: While playing the bass seems to be at few points 'out of control' for example around 0:45 and then at the end of the turntable session at 2:26. This should be fixable.--tonik

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