Bon Voyage..*TOKED*
Oi.. party on wednesday.. Despidida ni Nina.. @ evilwurms Apartment.. get drunk.. with violins and happy endings... and sum sounds.. that makes you go.. Uhmmmmmmmmmpppppppp.......

News:The Down Session On Sale on Maddhouse Radio Store front in chicago.. and also.. try to stay tuned on.. Kcrw shows.. will be on soon.. Sampler .002 is out... watch out for sum new releases this November.. Dj ian.. is still in L.A. .. new materials for the upcoming SiDz project by nervegasm.. Evilwurm's-tracks... Frost.. Armor.. next month.. still on Hidden radio.. and other mp3 radios... bangin' on you PC.. On the deep North: tracks are on rotation on SR shows in vancouver.. and soon in toronto.. also on rotation on sum clubbs in brazil..

soon: KCRW.Lollipop, magnet. Groove radio, WNYU, eon, Funender, collabs with sum Banger anthem tracks from south of london.. breakin sum beats with sum artist on Phily.. and more soonn

so stay stuck.. and be all that you can be... *poooff**.

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