All Thanks.

Thanks to all the people who helped us. thanks to Xty for the bio. thanks to all the a&r exec of all the labels who got interested on our music (I'll be sendin' you the press kit. need to to put some finsihing touches on it. thanks for waiting. sending it to you guys soon -nervegasm). thanks to all the people who supported us and all the people who "tried" to supprt us, and tries to set there egos/crab-like attitude aside and act like a person, not an ass (just kidding!hehehe.-nerve). thank you all. !! Now! enough asskissing. lets get to work.. laters!. [peace to universal beats]

news .01:party + me, drunk and f*cked up = fun. Frost on sampler .002 tracks:simple pleasures/the ride/after six. Evilwurm on Sampler .002 tracks: chill/bullshit/non-published. Light Sleeper on sampler .002- monster massive/ The Jujitzus on .002- Scuddam / Spicoli .002- Stress Boulevard. Armor on sampler .002 tracks: target/wind. nervegasm on sampler .002 tracks: subliminal/dethroned. Sidz on sampler .002 - are you high?/LSD. O_M_O on sampler .002 - air/ funk ministry.(final list).
news .02:eoradio playlist. the SR show(vancouver). UNY radio review. Magnet Mag. Finland. Philly. Washington. Uk FreshSound. Brazil. Austria. Nu017. Bamboo. .. more soon. now back to your regular programming...

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